Mother to Mother and Mothers To Be…

I posted this yesterday on my Facebook and actually got a lot of feed back.

If there is one thing I have learned during my pregnancy and now as a new mom is no matter what your background, where you came from, what race you are, all mothers feel and go through the same exact thing. We have ALL been there as moms and the moms who do/did it double time the first round, you are amazing. I look at every mother now the same way…you too have been up for days at a time, worried you are doing something wrong, that it’s you who is failing and the massive sigh when you can’t get them to stop crying. Or the moments of OMG what is going on with my body and what just happened, we were doing so well yesterday. I’m slowly learning it’s not me, I’m not failing and I’m doing my very best. Oakley is super healthy and we are blessed to have such a sweet baby boy. As our Doctor tells us, you can’t hold him enough, there is no spoiling your infant child and this too shall pass. I have a vision of Gandalf standing there shouting “This Too Shall Pass!” in all white. 🙂 Makes me giggle.


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