Oakley’s Big Arrival

On Friday, November 07, 2014 @ 8:57 pm EST, my life was forever changed. How I feel, how I love changed greatly for the better. I didn’t think in a million years I could love my husband more or love the way I do now. Oakley Thorjborn Helm overwhelmed me so much that I thought my heart would explode. The tears that I cried the moment he was delivered was not that of sadness or relief from the pain, but hearing his voice made me so emotional I could not stop them from falling. I think every mother and father can relate to that, there is nothing like it and you are forever changed.

So lets start from the beginning…

Going back to Wednesday, 2 days before Oakley’s big arrival. I was at work and I didn’t “feel” great, I felt extremely tried and heavy. My legs were swelling so bad I could barely walk to the bathroom and I was cramping really bad. I just thought I was having another round of Braxton Hicks, later, thanks to my good friend Misty and my sister, I found that I was actually having contractions. Around 2 I walked into my bosses office letting her know that I wasn’t feeling well and would be heading home. The moment I walked in she said, WOW what happened to your belly since this morning? I proceeded to tell her I have no idea however I did not feel well and was heading home.  I got home and laid down trying to sleep, but could not due to the “cramping”. I hit up my sister to talk to her about what I was feeling. I was having back to back “cramping” that even my stomach would tighten for a while and then release. I asked her could these be contractions? She said absolutely, you need to start tracking them. I also texted my best friend Misty asking her what did she experience when she went into labor. She was induced but said everything you’re telling me is contractions. I was like great, Hubby is at work and I’m here 45 minutes away from the hospital. I texted Dave right away and said well I may be in labor or at least I’m having contractions. He called right away and told me to call my Doctor, which of course I should have done from the beginning, but I’m hard headed when it comes to calling my Doctor because I’m thinking, Ok this man hears the same thing probably every hour of every day from pregnant women and I’m sure he will tell me what we already know. So I did what my Hubby told me to do and called my doctor. He asked about how far apart the contractions were, I told him, he said to get into a warm bath, relax and he would call the Hospital and let them know I may be coming in.  So I jumped in a warm bath, Hubby arrived home, just in time to help me out of the tub, LOL and the contractions continued. After about 4 hours of this Dave was ready to go to the hospital, but I was not, I told him until my water breaks or these contractions get closer lets just stay home. Eventually we went to bed and I was so tired I pretty much gave up and went to sleep.

Thursday morning, I woke up at 5:00 am still not feeling great, but the contractions had stopped. I went ahead and jumped online to start working. A few hours later the contractions were back, but this time my vision was blurry and I felt like I had the flu. By 11 am I told Dave that we needed to get to the doctor that I hadn’t felt Oakley in some time and I had blurry vision. We called the doctors office and they had me come in right away. Once we were there I was super uncomfortable and ready to find out what was going on and why I could not feel Oakley anymore. I was finally called back to the ultrasound room. I held my breath until I could hear his heart beat and see his face. Seconds later I could hear his heart beat, 149 bpm he was good and then his face popped up on the screen, his face that we hadn’t seen in a long time. It was the sweetest vision I’ve seen in a long time. Relieved I was thinking ok we are good and we will be going home and then I sat up and started feeling really sick. The ultrasound tech called in the nurse and she checked my BP, it was super high, I can’t remember exactly what it was, but it was high enough for them to call in the doctor right away. They checked it again and yep high, the doctor then examined me and I was starting to dilate. The doctor said, Well it’s time to get you checked in to the hospital, you are having a baby. Not what I thought I was going to hear. So around the corner we went and we checked into labor and delivery. Oh it’s about to get real is all I could think about.

Checking in took no time and we were walked to our delivery room. It was a nice large delivery room with a full bath. I was handed my gown and said Geronimo. The nurses and doctor came in to go over all my vitals and what the next steps were. They decided to give me meds for the pain and to induce me first thing Friday at 5:00 am. So Dave and I settled in for the night, only to be randomly woken up to take meds and check my vitals. The one cool thing about them coming in and checking my vitals is we got to hear Oakley’s heart beat the whole time.

5:00 am hits…inducing begins.

Friday morning 5:00 am and inducing has started, epidural is in and let the process begin. Minutes turn into hours and hours and hours, finally around noon they broke my water, THAT is a feeling like no other, WOW, but it helped with the pressure. 12 hours passed and finally we are at the point now where I can push! YAY! Oakley was ready and at this point so was I. Pushing has started, Pushing and Pushing an hour goes by, Oakley is still in the same spot…Pushing some more…another hour later of pushing the nurse calls for the doctor, which at this point my doctor is Doctor Marcus, he is part of the practice I go to and he is so much fun, yes fun. He kept the labor experience fun with jokes and making us feel confident with the whole process. After 2 hours of pushing with no results and no movement from Oakley, Dr. Marcus examines me and finds Oakley is sides ways. He tried very hard to turn him manually and by the way at this point I am so Happy for the epidural, thank God for those wonderful drugs. After several attempts to turn him, Dr. Marcus looks at his nurses and says she is OP and we need to prep her right away. He then turns to Dave and I and says “Well he is not coming out this way, you have done a great job and don’t worry we have never left one in, Well Once and he just graduated college.”  Gotta love Doctors with humor. So off to prep for a c section. At this point I’m so tired and so worried about Oakley my safety was never on my mind.

We are now ready to head back to OR and let me tell you it was something out of a movie. I huge team of nurses, surgeons etc. The lights are something out of a movie as well, but again I’m so out of it by the time they move me and start the injections I’m almost a sleep. In walks the Doctor and my Hubby, all dressed up and ready for the big moment. I will leave the process to your imagination, but lets just say it took, the nurse to push Oakley back up, so the Doctor and the surgeon could pull him out. From what my Hubby told me it looked like a scary movie from our side because all you could see was me shifting from side to side and up and down. I do remember seeing my Doctor above the curtain and the nurse telling me hold tight you are going to feel a lot of pressure. She was not kidding, it felt like my lungs were being pressed on from inside. My hubby told me later that both the doctor and the surgeon were on the table on top of me. Later I found bruises on the side of my legs. Within minutes Dr Marcus calls for Dave and says “you want to see Oakley?” Dave looks over and watches Oakley being pulled out and I could see in Dave’s face it was an amazing moment. Seeing his son being born and taking his very first breath on his own. The doctors didn’t even have to do anything, Oakley cried right away, strong big cries. It was the most amazing sound we have ever heard. Dave goes with Oakley to see him get all cleaned up and comes back to me and says “Babe he is 8 lbs 4 oz, 22.5 inches long, Where were you keeping all of him?” I laughed and said I know exactly where. The nurse and surgeons wrapped it up and all I could do was thank them over and over. I really don’t think they hear that enough right after something like that. I also found out that night, that same team, that same doctor did 6 c sections and delivered 6 babies total of 12 babies born in less then minutes apart from each other. WOW!!

After the surgery we were sent to our room where we would be staying for the next 5 days due to my c section and extreme delivery. I mean if I’m going to do it I’m going to do it 150%. Days pass and my blood pressure still is to high to go home. I finally got it down to 154/80 by day 6, which for most is not bad, but considering everything I went through this was not good. Needless to say I have been monitored by my doctor and having to take it very very slow and super easy.

So here we are 1 month later and WOW I am learning so much. Especially how to run off of 2 to 3 hours of sleep. More to come on that process and my recovery.

For now, from my cup of tea to yours! Cheers!



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