It’s Not Always About Me

Ok so here I am again, blogging so far from my last blog. It’s once again been a crazy few months and I’m hope now it will slow down. Between my parents moving in with us from FL for a few months, to them packing it all up and moving back because my dad got a job there, it’s been a mad house.
So with all of these happenings going on it really slowed me down emotionally and physically. I thought ok I need a major shut down and some rest. So that’s what I’ve been doing shutting me down. Not in the oh poor me shut down just shutting down me. I wanted my focus to belong somewhere else. I looked and searched and found I already focus so much on my step kiddos, staying a healthy family, keeping up with my sister so far away. And then it hit me, my Hubby, my Hubby Dave. That’s where I need to focus. So I threw myself into him. Actually getting to know him better and finding out that my Hubbies passion for cigars was actually more than just something he likes to enjoy it was just that, a passion. Something he loves to talk about and share with other people. He is actually really knowledgeable too, who knew!?! I just thought he liked smoking them for a little him time. So my goal is to get him to share his passion with others via blogging, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. So far he is pleased with what he is seeing. Now to come up with a witty name and get him to start blogging.
On another note, spending all of this time and supporting him we now find ourselves pregnant! It is my first and Dave’s third. Tomorrow is a big day as we may find out the gender! All so very exciting!

So from my cup of tea to yours! Cheers my Friend!