It’s been a minute or two

Hello Everyone, sorry it’s been a very long time since my last post, very long time.
As you can see I am still alive and doing lovely. However my journey took me on a very rough and trying emotional path.

Let’s see…where do I begin…

We will start with the hardest part of my journey, June 5, 2013, the day my whole world changed. On June 5th I lost my Nana, my strong, amazing, beautiful Nana. She raised me,she was not just my grandmother, she was my mother, my everything. I would not be who I am today if she hadn’t stepped in and gave me all she had. I was with her the whole week she was in hospice. I was by her side, holding her hand as she took her final breath. My amazing Hubby standing right by me along with her children, Cheryl, Greg and Ricky. The only one missing was my real dad, her son David, who had taken his path a long time ago. He did call 3 days before she passed, only Ricky spoke to him. I don’t know what was said and I really don’t care to know. Her passing with the people that were around her was exactly they way it was supposed to be. Even her ex-husband, my Papa, and his wife drove up from Florida to be there, more for us I’m sure but he did go in to see her the day before she passed. We left them in the room alone, gave him the time to say what he needed to say. Me and my entire family feel she was waiting for him, waiting to hear his voice one last time. Of course we had tons of other family members, friends and the pastor come by every day that week. I believe it speaks volumes about someone when you are in your final days, when everyone you know and love come to spend time with you, even when you can’t open your eyes. She was an AMAZING woman and I am forever changed.

September 14, 2013…my world would be rocked again. My mother calls, I answer to her crying, my Grandfather had passed away. This was something I was not ready for, I knew he had been very sick, but was not ready to say goodbye. I spoke to him the week prior and we talked for a long time, laughing and enjoying telling stories. I am glad that my last words to him and from him was I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH! I felt very empty and must have sounded cold to my mother on the phone, because I didn’t bust out crying. Clearly I was still mourning the loss of Nana, I didn’t feel much. It was probably for the best that it happened that way, it kept me from completely shutting down. Again my wonderful Hubby by my side, we made the trip to Florida and spent a week there helping my mom. Unfortunately, my mom’s journey would get even worse in less than six months. Her sweet pup Kiki, passed away a month later, her step brother Ricky, not to be confused with my Uncle Ricky my Nana’s son, passed away unexpectedly AND my step Dad had to make the final decision to sale their house and move here. The job market in Florida was not doing well and my Dad was just not making enough to keep them above water. So, they sold their house and are now living with us until they can get on their feet again. Can you say FULL HOUSE, 4 adults, 2 kids part-time, 4 dogs and 1 HUGE cat! But it is what it is and this house has never been so full of life! Even the plants seem happier.

Work, everything there is going great and I’m finally starting to feel like I’m making some progress. The Diet, is still rocking OUT!! Oh, did I mention I beat skin cancer? not the yucky bad bad kind, melanoma, but it was still yucky. They took a HUGE chuck right off of my chest and 2 days later I got a call from the surgeon coordinator. I was like, ok really, it’s going to be skin cancer after all the good stuff I’ve been putting into my body, even changing all my body and face washes to natural homemade products, skin cancer, UGH. So I spoke to the surgeon and she said it was (a word i could never spell or say) english please, it was skin cancer, however the biopsy shows a massive section around the cancer cells where my immune system fought off the cells and kept them in place. She said they were freezing it and keeping it for research on how the immune system, when healthy, can fight off certain types of cancers. She said whatever you are doing, keep doing it, it’s working!

So that is what has happened, for the most part, since my last post. Trust me there is so much more to come, sorry no pictures this time. I just really wanted to get back on and post something.

Oh one last thing, on November 16, 2013, we added a new member to our pack. If some of you didn’t know November 16th was national pet adoption day/weekend and we so did. We went to 2 different adoption expos, even visited the shelters, until we found the perfect dog. I never thought I would want a small dog and a boy of all things, but our hearts filled with so much joy when we found Ruger our forever puppy, UGH that face! He is a 2 year old, Lab mix, about 34lbs and is the BIGGEST softy and snuggler EVER! Layla is so in love with him. They clicked right away and now sleep right on top of each other. It’s even helped Layla with her anxiety, hopefully we can take her off of her meds soon. I will post pictures of the pack on my next post.

Until next time, remember 3 O’clock is TEA TIME!!