My Secret…wait for it…wait for it

Ok so I’ve been getting asked these questions a lot lately. What’s my diet secret for staying skinny? And how do I have so much energy throughout the day?
Here’s the big secret I’ve been hiding, I eat and drink healthy! I exercise and enjoy life more, because I’m worth saving! gasp noooo! YES!
I would love to say, it’s just a pill I take once a day and I eat whatever I want and my body still loves me. Well some of that is true, I do eat whatever I want, but what I want is all good for me.
I’m not on a weight loss diet or starving myself, I love food way to much. I’m on a healthier way of life, from what I put in my body to what I do to it physically and emotionally.
I’ve turned the food pyramid upside down and took out meat and dairy products because I had a hard time digesting them and removed gluten from my diet. I enjoy amazing foods I never even knew were around, ice cream (dairy free), chips, wine, beer, etc. I just make better choices.
I lowered my stress physically by taking time out for myself even if its just 15 minutes before bed. I do yoga and focus on being aware of my body.
I have also lowered my stress by remembering to give it to God. When I give my troubles to God and put my faith in Him there is nothing for me to fear or worry about.
So by doing all of these things eating right, giving it to God, my stress level is way down giving me way more energy and happiness. I have found what works for me.

So from my cup of hot tea to yours, Cheers my friend!

I would love to hear what works for you. Feel free to leave a comment and always feel free to share your 3 O’clock Tea Time photos with me at #3oclockteatimeblog